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    His favorite movies are the first and third Indiana Jones movies, the Matrix-the Transporter-, and the Bourne Identity well as the Spiderman movies and a number of other superhero movies. As a kid, he always loved books in general and the idea of the active, heroic life.  Derick has a "tumblr" that pays homage to these interests but like in the book, reveals an interesting parallel to them in the overcoming Christian disciple's  lifestyle. 
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    He also loves  CSI: Miami  ~ which may somewhat explain his general analogy of forensic cases in this compelling book of Blood and Bible exploration.
   Through the challenging, paradigm -shifting, and theology-shaking assertion of this, his first book, Dr. Virgil invites you to join him in discovering the secret to becoming a part of God's family... 
by Blood.

The name of the book is

The Holy Ghost: 
He Is The Blood of Jesus
The Holy Ghost
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     Dr. Derick Virgil began studying the Bible at 8 years of age and has a love for the practical application of God's Word to everyday life. He believes that the natural man was meant to live a supernatural life and that that sort of life cannot be achieved without a vital connection to God.

     Virgil grew up in North Carolina and received his Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from the University of Missouri - Columbia. 

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by Derick M. Virgil
Where is the Rest of God?
by Derick M. Virgil
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