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You should read this book if you ever wondered...
"Why did Jesus turn the water into wine? Why was that His first miracle?"

"Why did God have Moses to turn the Waters of Egypt into blood? Was there a deeper reason?"

" How does a Christian get "washed by the Blood of Jesus?".. and can Jesus "live in my heart?" Honestly, what in the world does that mean?"

" How is the Holy Ghost (the Holy Spirit), the third person of the Trinity, involved in Christian salvation through Jesus?"

"How is the Holy Ghost as The Blood pivotal in relation to discussions concerning
'the Rapture?'"

"And what is 'speaking in tongues' all about?"

"What is the Holy Grail? To what should it truly refer?"

I want to order this book now!

"Why is the Holy Ghost presented in scripture as a dove?"

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The Holy Ghost: 
He Is the Blood of Jesus 

You know that you, as a Christian, have been "washed by the Blood " of Jesus.

This book explains Biblically how this is made possible 2000 years after Jesus' Resurrection by the Holy Ghost.

Read this book only if you want to better understand the true supernatural power that works within the Bloodline of every Christian Believer. is a web identity for Rodbearer Publishing and Editing Services.
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